What was, WAS….

I continue to be amazed at the fragility and fickle nature of confidence.  Given current political conspiracies and the weight of confusion brought by that uncertainty, it is little wonder … Read More

No Driftwood….use fire!

    Shou-Sugi-Ban.  Literally, burnt cedar board.                 The term “Shou-Sugi-Ban” is Japanese meaning “burnt cedar board”. The term describes the centuries old … Read More

Driven By Modern

        “So, back in the day…when I was as bright as a new penny, all optimistic and fresh in Design School, I had a couple of professors … Read More

Why Contemporary Is Important

It’s no great mystery that the term “contemporary” means different things to different people and that in our industry, there is often some difficulty putting a handle on a meaning.  … Read More

On The Money!

A while back, we highlighted some of our new design and color directions (Our Newest Work, October 15th, 2015).  We thought we were in the right design/color space but we … Read More

Our Newest Work


We just like what’s happening in finishes and products.  There is a more casual feel, and our newest work is showing a combination of contemporary design and “let down” finishes. … Read More